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Cameroon: Film critics halt film release
Ernest Kanjo / Monday, 17 January 2011 01:18
beriwoAfter assessing the technical and artistic quality of his film and pointing out lapses, a Cameroonian producer has withdrawn plans to launch his movie. Peter Njodzeka aka Penjo promised to shot Beriwo all over in a bid to correct the error made in its previous production.

Within the framework of the Critical Eye Film Forum (CEFF) initiated by Ernest Kanjo, journalist and editor of TIPTOPSTARS in collaboration with filmmakers Elvis Tanwie and Tanko Francois, two Cameroonian films were projected (previewed) and evaluated recently in Yaounde. Nwatum Damasus Beriwo, produced by Peter Njodzeka and Tanwie Elvis Ride My Wrongs were on focus this December attracting huge audiences.


At both sessions, critics made up of film scholars, journalists, filmmakers and lay viewers assessed the production quality of the films in the presence of their authors, members of the crew and cast. For Beriwo, the critics found discordance between its setting and language articulation by actors. To them, the level of English did not correspond to the village environment. A similar point was raised concerning make-up, especially of one of the protagonist who would have painted lips even when she is in her village kitchen. A few lapses were traced in lighting, sound and camera shots and boldly mentioned.


To these, producer Peter Njodzeka concluded amidst deafening applauses he was going to shot the entire movie all over. Id realized all these mistakes even before the preview and Im now ready to shot the film all over, he confirmed.


On her part, main actor Bershu Mabel acknowledged her weaknesses which were pointed out including her artificial articulation. She was however praised for putting up a great show in her maiden performance on set. The preview took place in the absence of Beriwos director Nwatum Damasus who doubles as the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMMA) representative for Francophone Africa.


Writing the wrongs of the movie, critics at the second session pointed out a couple of weakness that should be looked into if Elvis Tanwie must put Ride My Wrongs in the market as he plans to do in the next couple of weeks. If one of its starring actors Richard Kings (musician) was going to use music to doing his roles, it was sort of monotonous for the director to use his song as sound track, a critic argued. To another, Ride My Wrong really does not have a story, reason why its author should do a re-plotting. Yet to another, Sydney, also a musician featuring in the 78-minutes film hasnt got role to play in the movie. These points were registered by Tanwie who promised to consider them and inject the necessary corrections before is released.


On the sidelines, the critics appreciated the initiative as timely, coming at a time there is a growing need to produce quality films for a Cameroonian audience that is sensitive to below-standard productions. Some big names in the industry took part in the sessions including Zigoto Tchaya Tchameni (producer and director of Public Order, The Match, Extension 4, Gymnastics, etc) Godwin Nganah (producer of My Successor and Audacity of Love), Ayi Chatou Inoua (producer of Royal Destiny featuring Nollywoods Emeka Ike and Tonto Dike), Neba Lawrence (director of Clash of Inheritance, Judas Kiss shot in South Africa, Land of Shadows featuring Jim Iyke, Royal Destiny featuring Emeka Ike and Tonto Dike, etc), etc.

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0 #1 Ancestor 2011-02-01 11:57
I think that this initiative of Ernest Kanjo is one of the key Thigs needed most for the uptimum growth of the Film Industry in Cameroon.

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