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Ernest Kanjo & Abigail Noella / Thursday, 04 March 2010 09:55

CRAZY_ENTERPRISEOne of the hottest telefilms ever is on its way to Cameroons national television, CRTV. The Crazy Enterprise is a production of Blue Diamonds Entertainment, under gestation. The 52 episode series, written by Chi Anthony is being shot on locations in Yaounde. According to the author, The Crazy Enterprise deals with corporate misdemeanor: corruption, competition, fight for position, back stabbing, blackmail, sexual harassment, dishonesty etc. He further tells us the story is born from inspiration from a Yaounde college principal "When she came back form the US, the said College head recounted her experience from which I drawn inspiration to write the story" Chi tells us. To make it more attractive, the producer of The Crazy Enterprise decided to make it a situational comedy (Sitcom).

    What has it taken the young producer to engage in such a huge project? "Sound financial material and human resources," says Chi. He goes on:  "We have improved in every other aspect of production from Ancestral Wrath and the other productions you know about." The young producer explains that unlike before, they are using a DV Cam 2009 version. "Lighting has moved up from 500 to 1500 watt," he explains further. A costume department set up specially for the project constantly sews and supplies appropriate costumes to actors. The 11 crew members and 85 actors, TIPTOPSTARS learnt, are entitled to 3 square meals each shooting day. However, it is a big challenge having to deal with huge crowds, but the producer of The Crazy Entertainment is succeeding in doing that. "This is because the actors, actresses and crew members are quite disciplined," says Chi.

     The Crazy Enterprise is expected to hit the airwaves in March this Year. It is directed by Billy Bob Ndive starring Yimbu Emmanuel, Solange Yijika, Muma Pascal, Quinta Eyong, Njoya Grace, Tunyi Florence, Fri Louisa, Ofer Rose, Agwe George Keti sylvanus, Tume Balon and Ebot Vera. Also featuring are Blessing Peace, Ruthy Johnson, Forgwe Jennet, Marc Vaow, Kingsley Fisher, Mbang Milton. The series also benefits from a production collaboration of some young English producer/directors including Neba Lawrence, Asaba Ferdinand (Penda), Agbor Steve, Agbor Gilbert, Vivian Nintal, Chiatoh Collins, Yisi Mathew and Godwin Nganah.


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