Ernest Kanjo / Friday, 02 April 2010 03:39
Ebot portraitLittle did Agbor Steve and Rich Manga know they were serving Cameroon with an eventual movie icon when in 2008 they spotted and featured Ebot Vera in Phoenix Scar. She was then only an aspiring movie star and would accept even the role, considered as inferior in any production. But the young actress, born in Limbe would regurgitate her High School acting skills and perform to her fullest at every given opportunity. That is why the show she put up in the said epic movie, shot in Mamfe was to say the least great.

Today, Vera is springing and attracting every film director's attention. Then watch her she delivers her lines in a typically smooth fashion. Watch how she swings from one character to the other with such ease and exactitude. "It's that flexibility that gives colour to the movie we'll be releasing soon," Elvis Tanwie, Vera most recent director told TOTOPSTARS. Then, we sought further to know what it looked like working with the University of Yaounde I Performing Arts and Cinematography Masters II student. "Wonderful indeed! No headache! She delivers, is obedient, competent and what have you," Tanwie replied.

Little doubt that organisers of Collywood Class party were fascinated by her acting prowess and did not hesitate to name Vera best hope-rising female actor. Glad though, the award seems to have announced the start of a relentless journey towards greater achievements. "It's a big challenge. To stay at the top, I must not lie on my laurels," said the 1.72m-tall actress, from Manyu Division in the South West region of Cameroon. "I'll keep working hard to fetch myself more goodies, after all, acting has always been my passion." She went on.

The ebony complexioned actress has thus been spending sleepless night as she prepares for yet another huge production. When we met her for this interview, the Vera was face-rooted in a latest script, Tears on the Bridge. "She is going to do the lead role, reason why you find her buried in the script," Tanwie, still director for the up-coming movie revealed. Question - does doing the lead role in such a giant project make Vera panic? Answer - "Not at all. I'm equal to the task and quite sure I'll make it. You can count on me." She will be off soon for Idenau where a greater part of the story will be shot.

Vera adores compatriots such as Solange Yijika, Chiatoh Collins, Richard Kings and Epule Jeffery. "I love being on set with them and many others, they inspire me," she confessed.

Also a theatre specialist, the rising actress would always be caught dancing. After a good dance, she would put on a nice purple T-shirt and settle on a sumptuous plate of ndole and plantains, watching a Cameroonian movie in the process.

She has also featured in Neba Lawrence[s Forsaken Rose, Fai Donatus' Facing Destiny and Elvis Tanwie's Ride My Wrongs.

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0 #1 Moses Enoh 2010-04-16 20:19
Keep it up my girl. I am so proud of you. The sky is your limit, I know for sure. You do us proud and I pray that your performances should touch and heal many lives.Just as so many were and are your icons, may you too be icon to the lives of many.
May God bless you.

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