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My happy window
News / Latest / Sharon Dione Sd / Thursday, 22 November 2018 14:30

My happy window, my happy window.

Your light essence beautify my skin each time, I lay to possess

Your beauty.

Your mirror image of me is a reflection of the universe.

Your color of love is as the intensity of sun rays which fades to sunset, like

A kit, which goes in the winds direction.

My happy window,
Your beauty is not behold, cold and dirty, yet so beautiful;

Like ash, no one remembers you.

You light my home with warmth and grease.

Your openness is pure than black, your form fits in space.

My happy window,

My place of thought and smiles.

My place of happy ending.

You give insight of what internal beauty is,

Your true beauty is seen at the hours of day and night.

My happy window by Sharon Dione Sd

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 November 2018 17:48


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